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What a stinky room it is!    04/06/2017

Hello there! How are you?
It’s my turn. I will write about my daily life in Okinawa from now.
I will try to write it in English, so I would be happy if you made a massage in English.

First of all , I will tell you how to get to the place we stay.
After you arrive at Naha airport, you should take a bus bound for Nago.
Then, you should get off the bus at Kishaba喜捨場. I think you may surprise at the place because that station is located at the middle of the highway. I thought I got off at the wrong station at first.
After that, you can go to the place(I refrain from saying the certain name) on foot or by a taxi. It will take 30 minutes to get there on foot, so I recommend you to go there by a taxi. However, it is difficult to get a taxi in the middle of street because here is rural area. TT advise me to call a taxi, but I am a lucky man!  When I tried to call a taxi, the one came in front of me suddenly! Thanks to the miracle event, I arrived at the place safely and quickly. In the taxi, I was relieved probably because I am too familiar with the taxi of foreign countries. As you know, taxi of foreign countries sometimes dirty, dangerous, and inaccurate.
You will stay at the five floor of the building. On the weekend, security guard will guide you.

Finally, I reached the room we stay. Mmm,,,, what is this smell…
It is soooo stinky!!! I heard of it from Sh@mp@i,but that smell is much more stinky than I had expected… If you are lady, I think it could be a good choice to stay at monthly hotel or something.
It is too stinky to get rid of the smell by air
I will tell you how to use air freshener effectively. The point is to spray it on the wall!
I also check the air conditioner. As I expected, there is mold growing….
I washed it and decided to buy a spray for air conditioner.
After the fight with dirtiness, I drove to ライカムイオンモール, which is huge shopping mall. Local people say that ライカム is deprived from  Ryukyu Command headquarters:Rycom.
In that place, I bought some groceries and everyday items including deodorizer “消臭力“, of course. 
I ate dinner there, “麦とろハラミ+島そば”. They have a campaign, so I got the bottom less drink-bar and the dessert for free. I am a lucky man!

This is my first day, see you soon.;_ylc=X3IDMgRmc3QDMARpZHgDMARvaWQDQU5kOUdjUmhHOG5qWXBwY3pXNWNNalBSX21OT2lEV1hhRlJnc3RTTFBMZDUxa3YzamZlb3FjMUZtS2VSMXdocARwAzVyYUk2SWV0NVlxYgRwb3MDMTMEc2VjA3NodwRzbGsDcmk-;_ylc=X3IDMgRmc3QDMARpZHgDMARvaWQDQU5kOUdjUzRYSWdsdEp2NnJSd3dsTUNkbHozSmsxVTlEWTBBWUdPalktd0hXYTJTYU1DYURQZ2MzY09yRTJoUgRwAzQ0S280NEtpNDRLejQ0T3o0NEs1NDRPWDQ0T3M0NE84BHBvcwMxBHNlYwNzaHcEc2xrA3Jp