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LOW BLOOD SUGAR 06/06/2017


What do you think from the title?


…Yeah. You are right! Ordinary, we predict one elderly person has hypoglycemia because of the drug(SU,insuline) or something. However, this expectation is not right this time.

So, who has low blood sugar? 

The answer is ,,, me…


In the afternoon:around 16 o’clock, I felt the feeling I had experienced 3 years ago. I had felt that kind of sense after the training of swimming. I began to feel rapid heartbeat, sudden mood changes ,unexplained fatigue and sweating. Yeah, that’s right. These are the symptoms of hypoglycemia.  I asked my attending to give me a break because I cannot stop sweating. Some gentle nurse and PT give me some snacks(ちんすこう等)for relieving hypoglycemia. Thanks to their help, cold sweating and unexplained fatigue were quickly disappeared. I checked the level of blood sugar by the simple kit; it tells that my blood sugar is 90. I should have looked up when I had felt the sense of hypoglycemia; It must be 70 or so.

Btw, what causes this low blood sugar? I am not sure,but it is perhaps because I didn’t eat breakfast very much though I ate lunch as usual. I again realized how important breakfast is.