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沖縄中部を中心に沖縄の情報を伝えていきます。This blog transmits a lot of information about Okinawa.




After work, I headed to Naha airport to visit Ishigaki island. I was going to take a trip with my parent. We stayed at a five star hotel : We treated ourselves. The room is very large and comfortable. We can see the sea from the room. The breakfast is buffet style. They have many kinds of local meals of Okinawa, such as ジーマミー豆腐、さーたーアンダーぎ―、ミミガー. Every dish was so delicious.

 We rented a car to go around the city. We ate dinner at marusa: We ordered 海ブドウ、ジーマミー豆腐、sashimi,and Ishigaki beef. ジーマミー豆腐 is deep fried, which is like rice cake and taste good. The fish in ishigaki is lightly seasoned perhaps because the water from the sea is warm;they don’t need to be fat.  After eating dinner, we went to the dam to see the stars, but it was a full moon. The light of the moon was too strong to see stars. The light of moon made a shadow of us. I had never seen a shadow by the moon. I only ever seen shadows made by the sun, not the moon.Though the light of the moon was strong, I could see a shooting star.