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沖縄中部を中心に沖縄の情報を伝えていきます。This blog transmits a lot of information about Okinawa.


On Saturday, we visited Iriomote Island.  Iriomote island is one of the big islands among yaeyama islands. 90% of the island is surrounded by nature: forests, rivers, falls and so on. People live in the remaining parts. We headed to Iriomote island by  ferry. It usually takes 50-60 minutes. The island has two harbors: Uehara and Oohara. We got off the ferry at Uehara harbor. We joined an adventure tour which included canoeing and snorkeling. First, we went to ピナイサーラ falls by a canoe. ピナイサーラ falls is the tallest fall on Iriomote island. We went up the river, which is located in the mangrove forests . It was such a so sunny day that the wind and the sounds of  nature were so comfortable. After reaching the shore, we began to climb the mountain. We finally reached ぴないさーら fall after 20-minute walk.  At the falls, there is a natural pool. We jumped into the water. It was so cool and comfortable. I stood under the water fall. It made me feel refreshed. We ate our lunch boxes near the fall.

Next we visited バラス island by  ship.  バラス island is made up of corals, so we can only see the island during low tide. The white coral island, surrounded by the sky-blue sea waters, was so beautiful.  We enjoyed snorkeling around the island. There were many types of tropical fishes. We saw a sea turtle as well. The way the sea turtle swam was really attractive to us.