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沖縄中部を中心に沖縄の情報を伝えていきます。This blog transmits a lot of information about Okinawa.


On Sunday, we visited Hateruma Island.

You can go to the island by ferry, but half of them usually are cancelled because of the weather or sea condition, so luck is also necessary if you want to get there.

Hateruma Island is the southernmost island where people live in Japan.

There are about 500 people living in the island. We rented a car because it was too hot to go around the city by foot or bicycle. At first, we headed to the viewing platform of the island.

What a beautiful scenery it is!

There is a scenery which we usually see on TV as a remote island below us.

Time goes by slowly in a remote island unlike an urban place.

Next, we visited the monument, which indicate the southernmost place in Japan.

We took a picture with it.  In the middle of the road, there are some wild goats.

They were scared of us when we approached them.

However, they tried to follow us when we left there…lol

On the east of the island, there is an airport.

Hateruma Airport was refound in2016, but it is closed due to the accident.

They don’t have a clear idea when they will restart the airport though it is new and clean. We ate lunch at あやふふぁみ. TT recommended me to visit this place to eat lunch. らふてー of this is so delicious.

We were satisfied with everything at this restaurant.

After eating lunch, we went to snorkeling at 北浜 Nishihama.(we usually read 北 as kita which means north, but people read 北 as Nishi which means west in Okinawa. It is a kind of dialect.) 

Nishihama is one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen.

The clarity of the water in the sea is like in the swimming pool!!

There were many types of colorful tropical fishes.

The sea water is warm, so it seems a paradise for them.

If you have some pieces of bread, fishes are gradually gathering, and you could be a magician of fish!