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The rainy season of Okinawa.  

The rainy season of Okinawa are May and June. Okinawa’s rainy season is a little different from the one on the mainland of Japan.  It rains suddenly and violently in Okinawa, but it usually stops quickly.

However, this year is definitely different from ordinary. It had been sunny during the first week of June in Okinawa, but it’s been raining during the second week of June.  According to the newspaper, the total typical amount of the rain in June was surpassed in just these 2 days, though people in Okinawa had been anxious about a water shortage a few days ago.  TV news said the amount of rainfall on 14th in June was the largest daily amount of the one in July in recorded history. It also said landslide disasters happened in some rural regions. Some houses were flooded due to the heavy rain. I had difficulty driving because the height of the rain was almost the height of the wheels.  Have you ever experienced the situation where the car is not moving well if you press the accelerator? It was so scary…


P.S. The rainy season was over on 21 th June in Okinawa!