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沖縄中部を中心に沖縄の情報を伝えていきます。This blog transmits a lot of information about Okinawa.


I visited Miyakojima last Saturday. It takes around one hour from Naha by plane.

I went diving on the first day of the stay in Miyakojima.

The diving shop picked me up at the airport. There were 4 people, aside from me. They said they belong to the same Rotary Club. I am ashamed, but I didn’t know very much about Rotary Club . According to the website, a Rotary club is a place which people from all continents and cultures come together to exchange ideas,  form friendships and professional connections while making a difference in their backyards and around the world. When I asked them later, it turned out that they all are the presidents of various companies.

Leaving that aside, we started diving. The was very clear although Hateruma is better. The water temperature was warm enough. There are many types of tropical fish, and the shape of the sea floor was interesting, like a heart shape. There were no rare fish or creatures, but I was satisfied with dive very much.

After diving, I went to eat dinner by rental car.  The place I planned to go was already full, so I had to find another place. After a few minute-walk, I found a restaurant which had been the stage of the NHK TV drama,“純と愛“. The advertising board said we have shamisen performance every night. I decided to go there, without any hesitation, because I was looking for a place where I can listen to 三味線.They were almost full, but I could enter the restaurant since I was alone.  The food was so delicious and the concert was relaxing and comfortable. I thought it was good that the restaurant I planned to go was already full.

Later, I went to the beech to see stars because that Saturday was the new moon, which is a good environment to see stars.. In addition, Miyakojima is famous for star gazing because the number of the neon light is restricted.  I could see the sunset and milky way( and shooting star, of course)  from the beech. It was so beautiful and made me feel purified.