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Muscle elderly woman.筋肉ばあさん

The patient is a 92 years old elderly woman who had a left neck femoral fracture. The dislocation of the fracture was not big, so she had an osteosynthesis with CCS.

By the way, I regard her as muscle elderly woman because she challenged me to an arm-wrestling match. She is stronger than ordinary women in their 90s.

There was another story which support this hypothesis. When she came to this hospital, she suddenly held her hand out to me. It occurs to me that she tried to shake hands which was rare for Japanese. I thought she was affected by the Americans because there are many American military bases, but this thought was a misunderstanding…

She began to grasp my hand with her full strength. It was so painful partly because I was unprepared.  I was so surprised when she showed off her admirable biceps brachii muscles. Her biceps seemed larger than ordinary women in their 20s. Can you believe it?lol

There is another part of her character which should be mentioned. She sometimes blows kisses to young men who pass in front of her.  After doing that, she blames herself saying that her husband in heaven will get angry.

What a funny elderly woman she is! Don't you think so?