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Have you ever heard the chirps of a gecko?

Actually, I haven’t. The gecko is regarded as the creature who brings us luck.

There are indigenous species of Gecko in Okinawa, which is called Minami-Yamori.

I heard the chirps of it at the first time when I was talking with my attending.


Me: What sound is that? To whom does this chirp belong?

Attending: Oh, you are surprising by the chirps. (S)he might be from Yamori. Don’t worry about it. Yamori is on our side.


Yamori eats insects that are harmful for us. That is the reason why “Gecko “is written as “家守“, which means home protector.

This is the chirps of Yamori.

Like I said before, the room I stay now is the stinky room. I heard the sounds which I heard this afternoon when I went to bed. Although I might be anxious about this sound if I don’t know what it was, I now know where it is coming from.

If you hear this cry, I recommend you leave him or her alone. Don’t you think their lovely round eyes are cute?