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沖縄中部を中心に沖縄の情報を伝えていきます。This blog transmits a lot of information about Okinawa.


Have you ever heard the chirps of a gecko?

Actually, I haven’t. The gecko is regarded as the creature who brings us luck.

There are indigenous species of Gecko in Okinawa, which is called Minami-Yamori.

I heard the chirps of it at the first time when I was talking with my attending.


Me: What sound is that? To whom does this chirp belong?

Attending: Oh, you are surprising by the chirps. (S)he might be from Yamori. Don’t worry about it. Yamori is on our side.


Yamori eats insects that are harmful for us. That is the reason why “Gecko “is written as “家守“, which means home protector.

This is the chirps of Yamori.

Like I said before, the room I stay now is the stinky room. I heard the sounds which I heard this afternoon when I went to bed. Although I might be anxious about this sound if I don’t know what it was, I now know where it is coming from.

If you hear this cry, I recommend you leave him or her alone. Don’t you think their lovely round eyes are cute?

I got a golf set! What!?


My friend recommended that I should buy a golf set.

After all, I decided to buy it.

There is a driving range near here. It takes about 10 minutes to get there by car.

Practicing at a driving range costs in Okinawa is one third or fourth as cheap as in Tokyo.


I was gradually learning how to swing a golf club.

However, an incident happened yesterday.

Please see this movie.

Hey! What happened?! Where is my driver’s head?!

It’s been just a few weeks after I bought it. Can you believe it?

Have you ever broken your driver?

Fortunately, thanks to this movie, the store where I bought it give me the another one because it was probably a defective product.   What a coincidence that I recorded my swing form. I am very fortunate!!


P.S. It would be great if you could advise on my swing form.

Muscle elderly woman.筋肉ばあさん

The patient is a 92 years old elderly woman who had a left neck femoral fracture. The dislocation of the fracture was not big, so she had an osteosynthesis with CCS.

By the way, I regard her as muscle elderly woman because she challenged me to an arm-wrestling match. She is stronger than ordinary women in their 90s.

There was another story which support this hypothesis. When she came to this hospital, she suddenly held her hand out to me. It occurs to me that she tried to shake hands which was rare for Japanese. I thought she was affected by the Americans because there are many American military bases, but this thought was a misunderstanding…

She began to grasp my hand with her full strength. It was so painful partly because I was unprepared.  I was so surprised when she showed off her admirable biceps brachii muscles. Her biceps seemed larger than ordinary women in their 20s. Can you believe it?lol

There is another part of her character which should be mentioned. She sometimes blows kisses to young men who pass in front of her.  After doing that, she blames herself saying that her husband in heaven will get angry.

What a funny elderly woman she is! Don't you think so?


 The patient is a 96 years old male. His wife passed away 5 years ago.After that, his son’s family began to help with his everyday life. 2-3 years ago, he started talking to himself.  He would suddenly say “ Tanme, Tanme, Tanme”, which means his grandfather, according to his son. The son says he liked his grandfather better than his parents.

At around the same time, he gradually began to forget how to do the everyday things. He sometimes forgets to stop the water after he washes his hand, for example. Since last year, he has difficulty using the toilet correctly. Instead, he has often been incontinence and sometimes urinates or defecates outside probably because he has forgot where the toilet is.

In addition, he began to forget where he puts the things. He was also having difficulty dealing with money. 

This year, he happened to be hospitalized due to a lumbar compression fracture. He did rehabilitation for 2 weeks.  His cognitive functions worsened further because hospitalization is so stressful as you know. The psychiatrist assumed(reckoned) that the changes to his situation-his wife’s death, living with his son’s family, and hospitalization- was affecting his present state. This case is so difficult for the psychiatrist. That is because he has been already medicated by the previous doctor, who uses many anti-depressed drugs, anti-psychotic drugs, and sleeping pills. It takes a long time because stopping using drugs, especially psychotropic drugs, suddenly is so dangerous.

The psychiatrist believed that he needs to be hospitalized considering his condition. Medicine adjustment is also needed for his current state. However, he refused to be hospitalized. Therefore, the psychiatrist take a step of medical protection hospitalization by family’s conse